Industries Served

Custom Processors

Custom processors, by definition, make what their customers demand. They need to be adaptable, knowledgeable and resourceful, dealing with different materials and applications on a day-to-day basis. Conair understands this and has been serving custom molders and extruders for decades with equipment designed for flexibility, performance and reliability. This includes easy-to-operate central material handling systems, portable drying units, chillers and temperature control units, gravimetric blenders that are simple to operate, downstream extrusion equipment designed to handle frequent tooling changes, and much more. The best technology, unparalleled knowledge and experience, the largest and most experienced team of parts and service specialists in the world… all combine to give custom processors confidence that they can do whatever their customers ask.


Fifteen years ago it was the compact disk. Then came DVDs and today it’s all about Blue-ray. This industry is constantly reinventing itself and Conair has been with you from the very beginning. Our gold-standard desiccant dryers help prevent moisture- and contamination-related quality problems in the optical-grade polycarbonate these discs are made of. Conair material storage and conveying systems meet the requirements of clean-room processing. Highly specialized knowledge for a highly specialized industry. Together with the most reliable equipment and service, it’s what gives these molders the confidence they need to compete successfully in a 21st century business.


From mass-market electrical switches, sockets and junction boxes, to sophisticated electronic and computer networking components, chances are plastics are involved. And where you find plastics, there’s Conair auxiliary equipment, including resin dryers, blenders, feeders and material-conveying systems, chillers and temperature-control units, granulators and extrusion solutions. Some applications involve commodity materials that must be processed automatically at high speeds. Others require advanced engineering resins that need be carefully dried and processed under highly controlled conditions. At either extreme and in between, count on Conair knowledge, service and equipment to keep you up and running productively and profitably.


After several difficult years, the automotive market (and the broader transportation sector) seems poised for a rebound. North American manufacturers are gaining traction and producers in China and India are expanding rapidly. Driven by fuel-efficiency objectives and cost-cutting efforts, there is heightened interest in plastic materials that can make parts stronger, lighter and less expensive and that’s good for plastics. At the same time, efficiency and quality demands from OEMs mean processors are looking for new equipment with advanced controls. From automotive to aerospace, they know you can rely on Conair knowledge and support, plus resin dryers, blenders, feeders and material-conveying systems, central cooling systems, chillers and temperature-control units, granulators and extrusion solutions to deal with whatever comes down the pike.